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The Old Road is where it all began. It not only tells the story of a winery and its vineyards, but also of an extraordinary town and the historical characters who shaped it.

As the brainchild of a group of investors led by Tim Hutchinson, today the Old Road Wine Co. produces wines that pay homage to the Franschhoek Valley’s heritage of prized old vines and fascinating, unique stories. Made in a cellar standing proudly in the town’s old main road, our quality wines bring life to the characters and traders around which an illustrious industry was founded.

Step inside the Old Road Wine Co., where these legends of the past live on, and new treasures are waiting to be discovered.

savour the interesting.

Wine Collections

There is something about the wines from a single vineyard. Something mysterious, intangible but unmistakably distinctive. Its history interwoven with the soil in which it is rooted, branching out to the farm, the town, and the surrounding wine region.

In the Franschhoek Valley, these magnificent old vines have helped to forge a reputation for quality and excellence that spans generations.

The stories of these unique vines and their rich heritage still resonate in the wines they create today – wines with character and perseverance. Speaking not only to the senses but also to something in the soul.

Available at the cellar door and online shop only.

There’s something about the peculiar things in life that have an uncanny knack of delivering a sense of intrigue. It’s those unexpected traits, the left-of-centre personalities, the colourful characters that time and again tease our attention.

The very nature of a special wine is its unique ability to deliver something a little different. This set of quirky wines is a side-step into a world of unique characteristics, where individuality from the vine is celebrated through the creation of delicious wines in a very distinctive livery.

Franschhoek derives its name from the Dutch ‘Fransche Hoek’ meaning ‘French Corner’, as this is where the French Huguenots were settled in the late 17th century.  This Rhône-based range is inspired by this notion of coming together and creating something special – with some added personality of course!

Crafted in our own French Corner of the Franschhoek Valley, this expressive Rhône-based wine packs heaps of flavour, personality and pizzazz.

Unique, seldom seen varietals bring out an experience that will excite and intrigue your palate.

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